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ROBERT J. FLOWER, PHD is a highly successful entrepreneur, scholar and “entelechist”. For over 35 years he has dedicated himself to the study of Potential and the best ways to fully achieve it. Through his discovery of the Laws of Potential and the Decoding of The Holy Grail, Dr. Flower has created the Science of Achievement.

During these times of uncertainty, the one thing any individual can truly rely upon is their innate strengths and gifts. Scientific approaches to problem-solving are not always the best means to a solution, but their reliability is key to potential, then the physical and metaphysical world begin to transform.

“The concept of potential in any of its applications or contexts is very much future-oriented in its connotation.”, Dr. Bob Flower- Decoding Potential: Pathways to Understanding.

Dr. Bob offers various methods of gaining this knowledge! He has conducted extensive research on the matters of a natural intelligence with his work through The Theory of Potential. He is now ready to bring this knowledge directly to your doorstep! Click the link below to sign up for more information!

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Evaluates organizational patterns- weak and strong. How can YOUR organization skills be enhanced?

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Where you’re weak and strong skills are. Which are best and applied strongest. Develops one's abilities to enhance life’s challenges. Are YOU fully equipped to handle life’s challenges?

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Improving one's professional/work environment by establishing achievement patterns and blocks. Structuring positive, beneficial thinking pathways. Bypassing weak paths which restrict achievement. Are YOU interested in achieving more? Can YOUR work environment be improved?

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Establishes blocks of performance, as well as how you function. How can YOUR functionality be improved?

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Establishes which of 10 articles provide clarity, comprehension and optimization of skills. Can YOU use more moments of clarity?

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Take Focus Dynamics Assessment

Factors determining problem solving, decision making, character analysis. Do YOU need to be more focused?

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Take The Human Potential And Thinking Assessment

Determines one’s degree of Potential Mind and Normal Mind. Establishes one’s weak and strong patterns. What’s YOUR potential character

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