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Student Success Academy – Student

Student Success Academy (SSA)

“Life Skills for Education and Beyond”


Today over 25% of College Students will not finish their education. There are several key reasons for this. Chiefly, they are;

  • High Cost of Education
  • The Need to enter the workplace immediately
  • Poor Educational Standards of College Institutions
  • Lack of “Real Life” practical course offerings

There are others. But it is becoming more evident that college is losing its viability for today’s youth.


The Workplace Effect

Businesses both large and small will tell you that the quality of graduates entering the workplace is sorely lacking skills on numerous levels. Business people cite not only lacking in cognitive and comprehension skills but emotional and yes, even spiritual qualities; spirit in the sense of team coherence.

In short, a college degree is not as effective as an employee’s life skills.


The SSA Effect

Our approach to the problems and issues of the above is the “Life Skills’ Program. The SSA format provides a “technology” which enables our students to view life in a totally unique and highly effective/practical manner. We teach how to comprehend situations, understand theirs and others thinking and behavioral styles. Additionally, our students will learn how to apply every event in their daily life toward the development of their potential. They will learn how to get to the heart of things and do so quickly.

The science behind the SSA Program lies in the Laws of Potential defined by Dr. Robert Flower, Director of the Gilchrist Institute. This format is a system which places ALL TYPES of data and information into an all-encompassing model of comprehension.

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