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Student Success Academy – Institutional

Student Success Academy (SSA)

“Life Skills for Education and Beyond”


SSA is an adjunct of the Non-Profit Gilchrist Institute in Bronxville, NY. The mission of the academy is to develop high school, college, and post grad Life Skills by virtue of its NaTI program. This is a Master Prototype Format which enables participants to comprehend, analyze, make sound decisions and solve problems.

The SSA also serves as a Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development program for educational institutions ranging from high school to postgraduate levels.

Recruitment – SSA promotes high school attendees, and where possible their parents, in a 3 day program focused on developing their Life Skills through the NaTI Master Prototype Format. Numerous testimonials from students vividly demonstrated the value attendees place on the program. Practically all claim the program should be an on-going, 4 year format applicable to various class subjects. Through this program, SSA participants are referred to institutions implementing the NaTI Master Prototype Program.

Retention – SSA has published a text book specifically designed with effective principles which generate a higher student retention rate. This format is coordinated with institutions on a contingency basis. A base Retention factor is established with the institution and a Retention fee is negotiated. After the first year, the fee is applied to any overage of the Base Retention Factor.

Professional Development – Recruiting and Retention is only part of the battle in generating an improved bottom line for institutions. The quality, variety and significance of courses offered are vital to both issues. In several of the high school and colleges we have engaged with, high levels of disappointment curriculums are Key Factors. As our testimonials confirm, students are not satisfied and in many cases outright disenchanted with preparation for life after graduation. Our testimonials clearly demonstrate a dramatic level of Life Skills achievement. It is one thing to recruit and another to retain and still another to satisfy. This is another positive our SSA Program manifests. We can formulate a hybrid program with the institution combining standard courses with the NaTI Prototype Format, such as with H.R., Business Management, Psych, Strategic Development, etc.


Solution for Decreasing College Dropout Rates


The Key is

    • The way we view situations matter


  • A system which places data and information into a comprehensive format



  • 20.2 million College students.  20% do not enrolled after 1-3 years.
  • Average cost of tuition and fees for the 2015–2016 school year was $32,405 at private colleges, $9,410 for state residents at public colleges, and $23,893 for out-of-state residents attending public universities.
  • Net cost, out-of-pocket at 20% drop out at $10,000 per year = $2,000 per student.
  • Retention of just 5% per 1,000 students = 20% Drop out x 1000 students x 5% retained = 10 students @10,000 (tuition) = $100,000 annually.

Requirements for Success

  • Our well-designed pilot programs unquestionably prove NATI effectiveness in significantly reducing college dropout rates across Regions, multiple population segments and carrying curriculums.
  • Same applies to Life Skills Development for First Year & Advanced Classes. Greater Student satisfaction enhances the institutions bottom line.

Marketing Issues (which Concern Institutions)

  • Various competing programs in place; how is NATI different/better?
    • Our Life Skills Program implements a proven policy for Life Skills & Professional Development; also a Hybrid Program is available.
  • How much cost and program time, are colleges willing to invest to reduce dropout rate?
    • No issue since this program is on a contingency bases.
  • Which and when should students receive program?
    • All students are qualified. Testimonials show that a $ year application is desired.
  • Does the NATI course fit institutional needs?
    • Results show this is a Key Factor colleges are missing today. Students are unhappy with current curriculums, and the lack of preparation for college & especially life beyond.
  • Evidence that NATI training can impact college retention, academic performance or other dropout reasons.
    • Testimonials from students, parents & educators.

NATI Fit to Market Need

  • Dropping out of college is due to multiple reasons, most of which can be impacted by NATI:
    • academic preparation/performance -- YES
    • time management-- YES
    • financial-- YES
    • career motivation-- YES
    • social adjustment-- YES
    • life events, etc. – YES


  • NaTI Preparation Format can reduce retention program cost and increase success and satisfaction among targeted student populations.

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