Proof & Benefits of Potential Theory

This Is a Biopsychosocial Framework for Achieving Potential & Enhancing One’s Life. Discovered in Nature!


  • Personal Development (Life Skills) – Here we see how the theory fosters expression, critical/natural thinking, skill recognition, improved passion realization, organizational and creative skills.

  • Higher Achievement – We see the restrictions which prevent fiscal, health, and social achievement. We see the 13 Principles lead us to control and paths for challenges and abundances.

  • Greater Comprehension – Understanding underlying meaning, mapping of thinking patterns, life meaning, purpose, direction, and clarity simply by the categorization of information.

  • Realizing Universal Energy – Enhanced intuition, connectivity, direction, power and the true meaning of spirit.

  • Self-Actualization – Establishing oneself wholly with Full Potential, and the understanding of oneself and their environment. Taking advantage of their skills. Overcoming life events. Autonomous.

  • All-Inclusive Model – Since Potential covers realized and unrealized Potential, it is naturally all-inclusive – as the principle tends to show.

  • Structured Thinking – Potential has 3 categories with 13 Principles of how we think. This enables one to comprehend and improve their thinking skills.

  • Scientific Evidence –Over 35 years of empirical research involving thousands of participants. Also, 3 Cognitive Neoscience Tests were involved demonstrating a 97% concept validity