A 12 Session Course Curriculum

1. Power of Potential – Achieving Goals, Mission and Purpose -Student will learn the value of setting goals & defining their purpose.

2. Life Skills – Determines skill weakness & strengths. How to overcome.

3. Minds Wow- Two of Me -Discovery of the genetic thinking structure; explanation of our 2  critical thinking methods.

4. A+B=C – Problem Solving Made Simple -Problems & conflicts can’t be this easy to solve- but they are!

5. Significant Restrictors– Recognizing and Overcoming Restrictions

6. Power of Fear– Gaining Inner Strength -The Student learns the basis for fear and best ways to deal with it.

7. What’s The Message -Life Events hold a directional message, a special pathway.

8. What’s My Dynamic? – Underlying Forces -By age 4, we have established a human dynamic which can become the root of our thinking.

9. Steps to Understanding -How to get to the heart of matters- simple & straightforward

10. Priorities- Measuring Things of Importance -Our Assessments to identify the students critical & nominal priorities

11. Various Thinking Types– Paths to Power and Success -Helps the student recognize how they & others approach issues.

12. The Use of Adversity– Turning the Table -Learn how to convert negatives to positives

**Each of the courses cost $100 each. Student must take the 7 assessments & at least 5 courses.** Mind Assessments must be taken prior to course enrollment ($100.00 each, available on-line)