Foundations in Science

Foundations In Science 

Dr. Bob’s mission is to show people and organizations how to achieve lifelong success and fulfillment.  The story of his research is amazing and his discoveries and results are truly groundbreaking.

Dr. Bob’s Quest

For over 35 years, Dr. Bob’s mission has been driven by the quest for exploring and optimizing human potential and intelligence.  His research has taken him on a remarkable journey that has led to the discovery a totally new science.  The destinations on this journey have taken him from the most basic elements of reality to significant places around the globe and ultimately … the entirety of the Universe and creation itself!

The Science of Achievement   

We call this revolution in understanding the Science of Achievement.  Its foundations include biology, psychology, chemistry and physics.  It all began with an extraordinary discovery; the key to realizing your Full Potential and Intelligence are found in the geometry of a single cell.  And since this geometry is the same for all people, any person or organization can learn to use this “Natural Intelligence” to achieve ALL their goals in every area!

The Laws of Potential   

Dr. Bob’s research also uncovered a set of natural principles governing potential. Potential is an unsatisfied, undeveloped universal force that seeks to be realized or expressed.  Potential is latent and can be manifested in an infinite number of possibilities.  It represents all energy, matter and life that have existed in the past and present, or will exist in the future.  Potential brings forth all forms of life and is one of the few absolute principles of existence.

Another way to say this is that potential is unrealized energy that contains various forms and levels of consciousness.  It involves information and discoveries about how we are representations of pure potential.  We find the field of potential in Nature, which comprises the laws, principles and structure of reality.

The Potential Formula: A+B=C

Potential energy is responsible for the redistribution of energy to form new patterns of achievement.  The transformation is achieved through your Awareness and Beliefs, which combine to create your Full Potential.  Developing Awareness and discovering your Beliefs is the key to Creating your Full Potential.

Natural Thinking and Intelligence

Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI) is a novel, scientific, yet humanist approach to creating, organizing and functioning on all levels. Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or employee, NaTI is the key to unlocking the full potential of your business or career and achieving true lifelong success.

Natural Thinking and Intelligence is a unique system based on abilities we all have but may not recognize or know how to use.  Learning how to use these “natural” skills shows you a truly effective way to understand situations, solve problems and resolve conflict.  This ability is natural and always available.

Connection to the Human Cell

This “ultimate potential” has been described throughout the ages. What we have learned from all of this is nothing short of astounding.  There is a “cosmic code” defined by symbols of religious texts, ancient monuments, and nature itself … found in the geometry and mechanisms of the human cell.

After cracking this code we integrated everything we had learned and created the Science of Achievement.   We use this “grand unified theory” as the foundation of everything we do to fulfill our Mission.

Transforming Lives and Organizations

We invite you to experience this new science for yourself and apply its principles at home and at work.  You’ll be empowered like never before to transform those people and places. This transformation is a step-by-step process that anyone can do. The benefits are beyond measure.

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Topics Include:

Theory of Everything
The Discovery of The Holy Grail
The Biology of Human Understanding
Synthesizing a Behavioral Language From Cellular Geometry
Natural Intelligence