Dr. Bob's Approach


For over 40 years Dr. Bob has dedicated his life to exploring and optimizing human potential.  This led to the discovery of the Laws of Potential and the development of the Science of Achievement™.  Now his mission is to show people and organizations how to use these laws to achieve lifelong success and fulfillment and a different meaning of life.

Turning potential into reality is the heart of innovation, the soul of creativity and the desire of every business and organization.  The results of this include the full spectrum of benefits and rewards from achieving operational and strategic goals to realizing your mission and vision.

In your life it’s about overcoming restrictions and transforming limiting beliefs to realize your full potential.  

If you are struggling in this area, Dr. Bob’s Approach offers solutions specifically suited to your individual lifestyle and needs! Consider the use of Adversity as one of life’s major challenges!


The Science of Achievement™ is a revolution in understanding.  Its foundations include biology, psychology, chemistry and physics.  The Laws of Potential are a set of natural principles that govern this universal force.

This groundbreaking discovery is the basis of our programs and services.  Our step-by-step process empowers you with the knowledge and abilities to take control, plan, organize and act with power.  We guide and support you so you can easily make the changes necessary to achieve extraordinary results. Finding and understanding the root causes of adversity is imperative to resolutions.

Keys to Success

One of the most important goals of everyone in business and in life is to “achieve success”.  While the meaning of success is relative to each organization and individual, the fundamentals on which it’s achieved are universal.

Success begins as a state of mind that you develop daily on a solid foundation of accurate knowledge and good decision making.  Total Success means achieving your financial and material goals as well as unlocking your Full Potential to find meaning and purpose.  That is the true happiness and fulfillment of life.

Learning how to overcome and utilize adversity is a key to solving life’s challenges!

For over 35 years, the Gilchrist Institute has developed the Science of Achievement to show people and businesses how to reach these extraordinary goals and more using the Laws of Potential.  The discovery and development of these natural, science based principles enable and empower both individuals and organizations to:

Realize a deeper, more essential and rewarding life:

We provide a complete range of affordable services and programs which we can customize for you and/or your business.  To take your next step, you can take our Potential Assessment and schedule a Complimentary Consultation.  We’ll talk about your challenges and offer you suggestions you can start using right away.  There is no cost or obligation.

We believe that success is not a happening; it is a journey of discovery, challenges, improvement and transformation.  Using our programs and resources, this journey can take any person or any business from what and who they are now to everything they can be.  The benefits you will experience from reaching your Full Potential and/or the Full Potential of your business are beyond measure!

Take Dr. Bob’s Approach and get started on YOUR new individual or organizational journey today!

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