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Dr. Robert Flower has written six books including a downloadable workbook describing Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI), the cornerstone of the Science of Achievement.


In Decoding Potential, A Revolution in Understanding, Your Exceptional Mind and How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things, he describes how our 13 Natural Intelligences define our natural potential and work together to enable achievement, as well as how to overcome obstacles that restricts our success.  


Several thousand case studies have proven that NaTI provides unique and invaluable insights about perceptions, awareness and learning.  This provides the foundation for our Science of Achievement Programs.




New Book

21_halladay_ave_the_spirirt_of_success_robert_flower21 Halladay Avenue
The Spirit of Success

Join Robert J. Flower with tales that span his decades long career in real estate.

For the author, an address he’ll forever associate with the fear, ignorance, naïveté, and insecurity he felt at the age of twenty-two.

An address that is a reminder of both the struggles and successes of his life.


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/21-Halladay-Avenue-Spirit-Success-ebook/dp/B079Z3NNTX/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1522782853&sr=1-2

Hard Cover: $28.95  + $5.00 S+H = Total $32.95     To Purchase Click Here

Soft Cover: $12.99 + $5.00 S+H = Total $16.99 - To Purchase Click Here

Check or money order please email: Filomena@gilchristforum.com or send to Robert Flower, 21 Halladay Avenue, 34 Palmer Ave, Bronxville NY 10708.





Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success

Soft Copy $16.75 + $4 S&H = $20.75

To purchase please email: Filomena@gilchristforum.com or send a check or money order to
Robert Flower, Life Skills, 34 Palmer Ave, Bronxville NY 10708.

To order Print-on-Demand from Amazon please visit: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1366395530/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER









How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things (downloadable PDF)

How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things” is a 42-page workbook that provides an introduction to Natural Thinking and Intelligence (NaTI). It describes the Laws of Potential and the 13 Natural Intelligences, and how you can use them to reach greater levels of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of life. The workbook includes a step-by-step diagnostic for examining your NaTI and creating a plan for improving your life by developing your potential.

How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things- $6.95.  To purchase please Click Here 







Your Exceptional Mind

The third book covers how to access that little understood portion of our brain which has so much control over us and our life events.

Read a review on BookReview.com.

Your Exceptional Mind-$14.95  To purchase please Click Here.









A Revolution in Understanding

In the second book of The Decoding Potential series, Dr. Bob Flower continues his mission of fostering a spirituality and materialism. A Revolution in Understanding presents a natural system for realizing the development of our potential. The book focuses on innate intelligences we all possess, but do not recognize.

 A Revolution in Understanding- $14.95.  To purchase please Click Here.








Decoding Potential

Dr. Flower’s book demonstrates a totally unique system of understanding based in nature. Specifically, he has discovered 13 fundamental principles throughout nature as well as in human behavior.

The book presents a revolutionary system for personal philosophy applicable to just about any situation. Reviewers have cited Decoding Potential as an intellectually stimulating contribution to academic discussions and socio-psychological collegiate reference literature.

Flower’s work is positively fantastic and groundbreaking. He presents a theory of potential, based in nature, which scientifically and philosophically supports virtue as a life model.

Kate St. Amour’s review calls it “mind blowing” and says, “Decoding Potential expertly weaves together the works of: Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Newton, Einstein; science and mysticism. The teachings of Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Christ blend and coalesce into a comprehensive pattern explainable by science, a pattern that can be used to turn one’s potential into a greater reality.” 

Decoding Potential-$19.95 To purchase please Click Here.






Enhancement MP3 - Sports, Relaxation, Etc

Receive a personal enhancement MP3 from Dr. Robert Flower.
If you need help with sports, trouble with relaxing, sleeping, motivation and more. Please email admin@gilchristforum.com in advance with detailed information on what the issue is.

MP3- $7.00 To Purchase Please Click Here






Natural Intelligence Cubes

The cubes utilize a closed model with an open system procedure. They are separate systems and patterns, but interactive.

The 13 Principles represented by the cubes are connected even though they are separate. They can occur on any level and still connect with other levels. In a very real sense, parts can be wholes and wholes can be parts!

Even if one cube exemplifies an accurate portrait of an issue, chances are the interaction of several or all the cubes is necessary to affect a correct profile.


The Cubes use Multidimensionality, which deals with the laws of various levels of reality and their differences from each other. The cubes use this not only to connect the various principles impacting an event but also to understand how various levels and parts have their own existence, while at the same time move within a greater frame work.


The 13 cubes act as independent systems interacting with other systems and creating different systems. We can then “uncover” layers of patterns until we find the core underlying issue. This is akin to unveiling chaos and complexity.


Regardless of which cubes come up they in some way are related to the others. Therefore they show various parts of a whole (issue). The cubes work because they represent the basic principles of thinking and behavior.

Natural Intelligence Cubes- $49.50 To purchase please  Click Here.




Outside Resources from Colleagues


The Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body

This breakthrough book presents a disarmingly simple idea: The way we pay attention in daily life can play a critical role in our health and well-being. According to Dr. Les Fehmi, a clinical psychologist and researcher, many of us have become stuck in “narrow-focus attention”:

a tense, constricted, survival mode of attention that holds us in a state of chronic stress—and which lies at the root of common ailments including anxiety, depression, ADD, stress-related migraines, and more. To improve these conditions, Dr. Fehmi explains that we must learn to return to a relaxed, diffuse, and creative form of attention, which he calls “Open Focus.”

This highly readable and empowering book offers straightforward explanations and simple exercises on how to shift into a more calm, open style of attention that reduces stress, improves health, and enhances performance. The Open-Focus Brain features eight essential attention exercises for improving health, along with an audio CD in which the author guides the reader through fundamental Open-Focus exercises that can be used on a regular basis to enhance our health and well-being.

Dr. Fehmi writes, “Everyone has the ability to heal their nervous systems, to dissolve their pain, to slow down and yet accomplish more, to experience the deeper side of life—in short, to change their lives for the better dramatically.” At last readers can learn the techniques that Dr. Fehmi has offered to thousands of clients—the same drug-free, safe, and effective techniques that have led to remarkable and long-lasting results.

To order a copy please Click Here.



Self Leadership: How Boomers Can Boost Happiness, Secure Their Finances, and Find Meaning in the Second Half of Life

Self-Leadership: How Boomers Can Boost Happiness, Secure Their Finances, and Find Meaning in the Second Half of Life by Gary Billings guides Boomers into transitioning successfully into the second half of their lives. Billings, who spent two years researching what makes people happy, packs his book with personal anecdotes and tips for managing your marriage, your finances, your mental and physical development, and more. Billings also provides suggestions for keeping fit and developing new relationships. He introduces what he calls Self-Leadership, which is having a vision of what you want to achieve and then developing goals and taking action to achieve your vision. Warmly written and as educational as it is entertaining, Self-Leadership should be the first book on any Boomers reading list.

To purchase please Click Here.