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Dr. Robert Flower has written eleven books including a downloadable workbook describing The Potential Theory, the cornerstone of the Science of Achievement.

In Decoding Potential, A Revolution in Understanding, Your Exceptional Mind and How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things, he describes how our 13 Natural Intelligences define our natural potential and work together to enable achievement, as well as how to overcome obstacles that restricts our success.  

Several thousand case studies have proven that NaTI provides unique and invaluable insights about perceptions, awareness and learning.  This provides the foundation for our Science of Achievement Programs.

Decoding the Holy Grail…and the Discovery of the Potential Molecule

Decoding the Holy Grail is an enlightening read that introduces the “Potential Molecule” and presents a unified philosophical “Theory of Everything.”

Through a fascinating holistic approach that highlights the connections between findings in scientific theory, philosophy, ancient civilizations, mysticism and world religions, the text works to uncover the hidden meaning of the Holy Grail.

The book puts theology and mysticism into a clear, expansive picture for those seeking an understanding of the world we live in. The resulting benefit of this work is a Theory of Life which resolves age-old issues such as life after death and practical spirituality effectively and efficiently

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By: Literary Titan 2021

Decoding the Holy Grail is the book that you need to read to understand life, its simplicities, complexities, and everything in between. Author Robert J. Flower PhD talks about the Theory of Everything and what consists of life. The book is filled with complex jargon, but the author modestly explains every term that may be unfamiliar to all readers. Reading this book will make you interested in science, nature, life religion, philosophy, mysticism, and spirituality among other subjects.

Robert J. Flower PhD is asks engaging questions in between the narration and answers them to the perfect understanding of the reader. I like that the author does not seem biased when talking about any topic. He writes freely and objectively. His content is neutral and does not force the reader to believe in whichever theory he is writing about. Apart from the neutrality displayed in the book, the author also writes from an informed point of view. Everything he writes about is backed by statistics and life’s experiences. The author’s way of explaining new concepts was another favorite feature in the book. The author introduces the reader to a familiar topic or idea and gradually goes deep as he explains intricate concepts.

One of my favorite discussions in the book was about the dogma of potentialism. The author demonstrates how crucial potential is in the universe and the correlation between natural intelligence and individual potential. The author defines potential as the possibility of realities. He goes further and expounds on the topic, giving examples of how potential should work and how elusive it can be to individuals despite it being everywhere. Another favorite topic was about connecting nature to potential. In this section, the author aptly discusses crystals as basic structures of potential and versatile conveyers of energy. One of the best illustrations and explanations in this book was under this chapter where the author explained the molecular structure of quartz.

The content is enlightening, and the author has thought-provoking answers to all questions be it religion, nature, science, or molecular energy. Decoding the Holy Grail is easy to read and understand. Anyone who wants to deeply understand life and all its elements should read this book.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B08M4B49W2

Potential Theory- By Dr. Robert J. Flower

Reviewed By: Peter Brazaitis

…”Potential Theory (sic) presents an interesting and readable work: a blend of science, religion, historic beliefs, philosophy and applied logic.  It introduces the reader to a totally different explanation of the world around them than the one they know.”

About the Reviewer

Peter Brazaitis (born August 13, 1936) is an American herpetologist and forensic specialist in herpetology and worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS, formerly the New York Zoological Society) from 1954 to 1998.

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The Spirit of Success

Join Robert J. Flower with tales that span his decades long career in real estate.

For the author, an address he’ll forever associate with the fear, ignorance, naïveté, and insecurity he felt at the age of twenty-two.

An address that is a reminder of both the struggles and successes of his life.

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Decoding Potential

Dr. Flower’s book demonstrates a totally unique system of understanding based in nature. Specifically, he has discovered 13 fundamental principles throughout nature as well as in human behavior.

The book presents a revolutionary system for personal philosophy applicable to just about any situation. Reviewers have cited Decoding Potential as an intellectually stimulating contribution to academic discussions and socio-psychological collegiate reference literature.

Flower’s work is positively fantastic and groundbreaking. He presents a theory of potential, based in nature, which scientifically and philosophically supports virtue as a life model.

Kate St. Amour’s review calls it “mind blowing” and says, “Decoding Potential expertly weaves together the works of: Plato, Aristotle, Locke, Newton, Einstein; science and mysticism. The teachings of Lao Tzu, Buddha, and Christ blend and coalesce into a comprehensive pattern explainable by science, a pattern that can be used to turn one’s potential into a greater reality.”

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A Revolution in Understanding

In the second book of The Decoding Potential series, Dr. Bob Flower continues his mission of fostering a spirituality and materialism.

A Revolution in Understanding presents a natural system for realizing the development of our potential.

The book focuses on innate intelligences we all possess, but do not recognize.

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Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success

Creative, Organizational and Action Life Skills for Success is a how-to for Natural Intelligence.

The book examines a Natural Intelligence model that provides the means to take an issue or problem, define it, and then explain and investigate it from the standpoint of interrelated principles.

The three basic groups of Natural Intelligence break down into 13 aspects of understanding Intelligence, Potential, Thinking and Behavior.

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How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things (downloadable PDF)

How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things” is a 42-page workbook that provides an introduction to Potential Theory. It describes the Laws of Potential and the 13 Natural Intelligences, and how you can use them to reach greater levels of achievement and fulfillment in all areas of life.

The workbook includes a step-by-step diagnostic for examining your NaTI and creating a plan for improving your life by developing your potential.

How We Analyze, Understand and Decide Things- $6.95

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Your Exceptional Mind

The third book covers how to access that little understood portion of our brain which has so much control over us and our life events.

Your Exceptional Mind-$14.95

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