>  POTENTIA ULTIMUS — An Open Letter to Government Leaders

POTENTIA ULTIMUS — An Open Letter to Government Leaders

POTENTIA ULTIMUS  -- An Open Letter to Government Leaders

By Robert J. Flower, Ph.D.

To All Government Elected officials –

I hope this correspondence finds you all well.  We need that status so that you can deal what we are about to tell you.

Who We Are!

We are Entelechists!  We are the smartest people in the world, by virtue of the fact we have discovered a human technology which is a prototype to solve problems, provide direction and clarity.  Actually that shouldn’t mean anything to you since solving problems in a selfless manner is not in your wheelhouse.

Just so you know there is a new order of beings entering the world stage.  Special people who understand what it’s all about!  How to lead and follow.  How to prosper and help others to prosper without giveaways.

We can provide the world with Laws that are totally foreign to minds such as yours.  Your Laws, “thou shalt not” and “thou must do this” are secondary to these new Laws which say, “This is how to do it”, “this is why we should do it” – rules that work for those who wish to achieve, develop, grow and become a true representative of a practical spirituality.

These Laws discount the great restrictors you have burdened our civilization with (fear, ego, ignorance and deception) and which dictate your own mindsets.

We, the Entelechists have come to these findings by a vote.  It was unanimous – you are all dumb!  We challenge you one and all to refute this mindset!  By open debate, personal conference – or any other means.

You are all ignorant, lazy, deceitful, self-serving incompetents!

Democrats and Republicans – Liberals and Conservatives alike!  Your days of deceiving the American and world people are about to end.

Democrats; because of your power and control dogma by virtue of your “give away and free” policies, you have entrained the minds of those who don’t know any better.  Further, you have denied the people the path and ability to find their special way in the world.

Your deceptive practice in attempting to discredit and reject, the presidential election is a clear example of your strangulating practice to control others, gain power and self-importance.

Republicans; the insider club, under the guise of “freedom”, you generate wealth for the populous and then you take it away by changing rules and market crashes, thereby harvesting economic power for personal gains.  Your attempt to legitimize back room dealing is despicable.  While the Democrats are quite apt at this, Republicans are almost as bad with their special deals and self-serving. Your inability to act when you have total control is appalling.

Overall, the Democrats don’t know what to do but know how to do it – while the Republicans know what to do but don’t know how to do it!

As for the Liberals and Conservatives we have news.  Extremes are unhealthy and do not reflect mainstream thinking!

Our final message – while many of you are special in one way or another, you are misguided.  There is a more valid and virtuous way of doing things. Your mind and your spirit, as well as millions of others, are awaiting enlightenment.

-  The Entelechist Committee to Develop Your Potential.

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